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Gentleman Cat Series Cat Templates

Gentleman Cat Series Cat Templates

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We present the Gentleman Cat series, the revolutionary paper craft kit, so that adults and children can have fun putting together cat heads, learn about the art of guest illustrators and at the same time be ecological and sustainable. With these 15 cat stencils illustrated by talented Chilean and international artists, the possibilities for creative expression are endless. For this reason, each stencil can be easily folded and glued to create charming decorations that add a touch of feline elegance to any space. But that's not all, the kit also includes a custom, life-size cat mask illustrated by the incredibly talented Peruvian artist Zarella Solis.
The eco-friendly packaging is made from kraft paper that eliminates single-use plastics and can be used as a poster when unfolded. Finally zero waste, the Gentleman Cat series paper toys are a symbol of our commitment to making an environmentally conscious craft kit. Get yours today and join the movement towards a more sustainable future!

  • Gentleman Cat series contains 15 illustrated paper cat templates to build, plus a mask you can wear.
  • There are 16 international artists invited to participate in the team.
  • It also includes a booklet with information on all the artists published in the Gentleman Cat series during 2023.
  • All our products so far are designed and manufactured in Chile. With fair trade, in a microscopic company governed by women who also like to recycle.
  • To manufacture the templates, offset printing on 250 gr coated paper was used.
  • In addition, the templates are die-cut and pre-folded, ready to fold, glue, assemble and enjoy.
  • Each template includes guide numbers for assembly on the front and back, and instructions are available in both video and images.
  • However, for more information about the series and images of previous installments, visit the post.

Guest artists:

Maggie Chiang (USA) , Semangad (CHI) , Artichokat (CHI) , Roman Klonek (DEU) , Devin Forst (USA) , Toshi (BOL) , Jko Sánchez (CHI) , Terror (ARG) , Xilango (MEX) ,
Adolfo Correa (CHI) , Dagdraw (CHI) , YoSoyBuque (MEX) , Birdaz (GTM) , Cristian Bastias (CHI) , Shake Blushie Bloom (PER) and the mask design by the talented Peruvian designer Zarella Solis

Includes: 15 cat stencils and 1 mask
Age: 7+
Design: Assembly Project
Theme: Cats
Material: Templates Paper 270 gr; Mask, duplex cardboard
Measures: 37x25cm

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