Lo que fue la exhibición y charla de Proyecto Ensamble en el cierre de «The Juguete Show»

What was the exhibition and speech of Proyecto Ensamble at the closing of "The Toy Show"

toy show expo paper toys, art toys and speakers

The Toy Show event was pretty good. 2 full pieces with "customs" by Unison Lab and Grupo Vibra, with its cardboard speaker intervened by artists and illustrators. The winner of the Spack contest and the cocktail to repeat it were announced. A table full of artisan sweets from the Merello brand. Lots of design fauna, good talk about design…..In short “round”.

Finally, we were part of the series of talks in the auditorium of the Santiago library on June 23 at 6 p.m. for the closing of "The Toy Show."

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