Serie 1 Proyecto Ensamble 2009

Series 1 Proyecto Ensamble 2009

Series 1 Assembly Project

Series 1 paper toys, the first and the original

Series 1 paper toys is finally ready. After a lot of work, as of today we have series #1 of Proyecto Ensamble available for you.

Consisting of 9 templates to assemble collectible paper Lego-type figures. First of all, we design a set of paper toys in such a way that they spread the work of the artists, in addition to creating an activity to entertain people.

The pieces were designed so that they can be assembled with each other, for this reason they are figures to assemble and assemble. The invited artists for this first release in 2009 are: Fiskal; Libedlulo; Paulina Guajardo; Eduardo Allendes Nicolas Cociña; Vaughan Richardson; Leslie Pallero; Cesar Romo AKA Sgt. Mandril (Mexico); Holy Box (Colombia).

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