Series 3 Proyecto Ensamble «México»

Series 3 “Mexico” by Proyecto Ensamble

Series 3 “Mexico” Ensemble Project

Until the day we had long awaited arrived, in which we launched Series 3 Ensemble Project “México” with the theme “México”. On this occasion, I want to thank and greet Oscar Uzziel from VinylesChiles for making this launch possible in Mexico.
A big shout out also to everyone who made this series possible, starting with its members. Christopher Cisneros, better known as Choper Nawers , who in a burst of creativity helped us materialize the cover of this series + his character. Minervagm and Illunatico , who believed in what we did and sent us their proposals. To Mr. Kone who managed to capture all his bastard style in our beloved template. To Mr. Mitote , who with all the love on the planet helped us with his design and made some incredible customs with some assembled resins that we sent him and that were exhibited here in Chile at our first expo in May of this year. To Pitayon , for taking the risk from distant lands beyond Mexico City and contributing with an incredible lizard being. To Memoe Campanur for portraying the style of wrestling that is so characteristic of Mexico. Ruben Jimenez, for capturing the entire ancient Aztec codex in the template and thus showing us what the style was and will continue to be in Mexico and last, but not least, Neuzz , who I met thanks to the graffiti program “talking walls” and immediately I contacted him because I wanted some of his traditional masks captured in an ensemble.

I also want to give a shout out to the Sponsors we had this year to make this series possible. Starting with Sony Ericsson who believed in us. Linux Latin America for moving from digital to analog. ToIdeazzione who captured his supermarket shopper in our model. To Kirstin from First Lego League , who gave us the Lego Mindstorm robot to be an assembled character. And finally toGlobalGate who materialized his most characteristic character in our squad.

I hope this is a new beginning so that there is fluid communication between Chile and Mexico through our project, and I invite you all to follow our updates since we are always needing collaborations for the different series that we release year after year.

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