Lanzamiento mini serie Simbiontes .Deew 2011

Symbiotes .Deew 2011 mini series launch party

We launched the Proyecto Ensamble mini series of paper figures, an initiative that fuses education and creativity through assembleable paper objects, available in a variety of shapes, colors and designs for all ages.

The mini series, titled "Symbiotes", consists of 3 models of paper figures that represent different species of animals and plants that coexist in symbiosis, that is, they mutually benefit from their relationship. Each figure was personalized in silkscreen by the .deew silkscreen collective, a group of artists interested in sharing and disseminating this manual printing technique.

The event, which took place at the Casa Contrada gallery, was attended by the creators of Proyecto Ensamble, who explained the concept and process of the mini series, as well as the members of the .deew collective, who showed their work. In addition, there was a display of 1:1 scale assembly figures personalized in silkscreen by the .deew collective, as well as different designers who customized assembly figures made of resin.

The atmosphere was enlivened by guest DJs, who played music according to the theme of the mini series, and attendees were able to enjoy a cocktail and wine, courtesy of the organizers.

Proyecto Ensamble is an original and fun proposal that invites creatives and future geniuses to explore their imagination and manual skills, creating unique and personalized paper objects. The mini series "Symbionts" is an example of the versatility and potential of this initiative, which in addition to entertaining, seeks to educate and raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and cooperation between species.

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