Lo que fue Proyecto Ensamble en Sudala

What was the Proyecto Ensamble experience in Sudala

Fair, talks and expo

The first thing to say is: thanks to the Sudala organization for having invited us and for making everything turn out wonderfully.

The assembly process began on Thursday at 10 pm. That day, with a thousand problems getting everything to the Caupolican theater, we were finally able to hang everything as it should. We met several characters we had on Twitter that we didn't know in person. Like @cabrochico , @nerd_veggie , @diegoquintana , @supersentido , @etc. When we finished hanging up we still didn't have our tickets, we asked and they said that we could pass the next day without problems.

When we arrived on Friday around 10 am there was chaos, the entire product fair area was being set up. We looked for a spot and set up our stand with ensembles, more jas d'puts t-shirts, badges and Paper Castles.

After we finished tuning the Expo Ensamble, there was no electricity to light the resin lamp. We managed the electricity thanks to the friends of Graphic Art and turned on the lamp.

As for the talks, I must say that they were quite good, at least the ones I saw, since with @studiopik we took turns watching them. Onda one stayed selling and the other went to a talk. I managed to see: Maza, Siete Rayas, i2off + r3nder, Serial Cut, Carlos Rojas and Lobo.
After the talks finished on Saturday, we took everything down and headed to have a drink with @jotainoguera . His good bottle of vodka tonic and then he rushed back to the party. When we arrived there were 10 minutes left before 1:00 am, the time when our credentials expired, so we had to enter no matter what. The pushhhhhhh that there was was the brigidity, but once inside, the panorama changed completely. The wildest party in a long time. A great atmosphere, which was on the main floor of the theater, where apart from dancing, there were shows like Power Peralta, Co2, etc. And 2 small environments, one with "Drum and Bass from hell" where at one point my friend Octopus.tv put visuals. Something that according to him he had not contemplated and that they suddenly offered him to put the visuals. And the second environment with electronic.
As a balance, this first graphic design congress in Chile was very well achieved. Good contacts were made, good talks and a good party, and best of all, everything on time.

Here I leave some photos of our Expo Ensamble.

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