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Proyecto Ensamble

Paper toys series 1 “Original”

Paper toys series 1 “Original”

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The Ensemble Project Original Series 1 paper toys contain 9 paper templates that once assembled can be assembled like Lego-type pieces. Everything ready to assemble the paper toys illustrated by great artists. Objects designed and manufactured in Chile.

Because series 1 is made up of a variety of works collected in different instances. It should be mentioned that many of them are the result of the first workshops held in TrimarchiDg , in addition to participation in different Chilean universities. Likewise, the call made from the website

Guest artists Paper toys series 1

Finally we selected and published 9 of the 109 works received for the first series. As a result, the other artists' 100 works were exhibited online. In addition to the artistic exhibitions carried out.

The artists selected to be published in the original Series 1 2009 are. Fiskal, Libedlulo , Nicolás Cociña from the Chucaro brand, Paulina Guajardo, Leslie Pallero, César Romo, Holly Box, Eduardo Allende, Carlos Velázquez and Vaughan Richardson

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