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Cooking Games Stickers Pack

Cooking Games Stickers Pack

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  • The set includes 6 lacquered self-adhesive stickers measuring approximately 4 cm x 4 cm, to stick wherever you want.
  • Theme: Kitchen sets and their essential utensils, part of the Home Objects collection.
  • The pack includes the following illustrated designs: the bottom-type pot for cooking curanto, the typical Tramontina brand knife, the ladle to serve the soup, the watering can to hydrate the dressing or medicinal plants for after the meal, the soup served and the salt shaker to season the soup.
  • All our products so far are designed and manufactured in Chile. With fair trade, in a microscopic company governed by women who also like to recycle.
  • The printing is high quality offset on 120g adhesive paper as well as a protective varnish.

The Cooking Games Sticker Pack. This product was illustrated by Don Libedlulo between 2014 and 2015, the illustrations refer to the cooking theme, part of a great illustrated work that you can see on Behance.

All the products part of the Stickers Objetos del Hogar collection created by us, are manufactured in small batches of a few units or limited edition, so we assure you that with them you will be absolutely the most exclusive on the block. This set of stickers is the most informative, since they are the ones that best illustrate our culinary customs and the most colorful ones that you will find in the region.

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