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Paper Ornamental Jewel Egg

Paper Ornamental Jewel Egg

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We have created this paper egg with flowers, since we are interested in knowing what is behind this symbol used so commonly during Easter, we have found out the following.

First of all, it must be mentioned that the egg has symbolized since the beginning of humanity the return to life, equivalent to fertility, hope and rebirth.
Likewise, in Egyptian mythology, it represents the Phoenix bird, which was burned and was reborn from the egg that had created it in the beginning. Hindus also maintain that the world was born from an egg.
In the same way, Christianity adopted the tradition of the egg as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ at Easter. In fact, that's where the traditional Easter egg comes from.

On the other hand, the Easter rabbit appeared in the work of Georg Franck von Frankenau , in 1682. Basically there was a reference to a hare with a basket full of decorated eggs and sweets, which he gave to children the night before Sunday. of Easter.

Finally, it is theorized that the rabbit is chosen as the distributor of the eggs, because it reproduces like crazy. The egg is a symbol of fertility, and the rabbit began to have litters of bunnies in spring. Little by little both concepts were related until today. Regarding chocolate, they were the gluttons of the German pastry chefs, the first to start making figures of it, to eat them. Happy Easter!

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