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Artifacts & Trolls the Card Game

Artifacts & Trolls the Card Game

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The card game, Artifacts & Trolls is the game where you must complete the objectives to end the game and win and trample your opponents. For this, you will need to collect character cards to help you complete each objective chosen to complete. At the same time, you will have to avoid all the obstacles that the game puts in place or those that your opponents put in front of you. You will also have one or another Troll at your disposal, to hinder your opponents from winning the game.

The artifacts that you get, which are each character that gives life to the game. They will help or hinder you on the path chosen to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself. It is for this reason that I must say that Artifacts & Trolls is the most highly fast, most dynamic and most competitive board game . So if you like to test yourself against reality, this will provide divine entertainment for you and your guests for several hours.

Finally, it should be mentioned that this game is beautifully printed, with inks and on high quality paper. In addition to having a wide variety of cute illustrated characters and fine finishes with which you will surprise all your friends.

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