Seleccionados Convocatoria Abierta Para la Muestra Gentleman Cat

Selected Artists on Open Call for Gentleman Cat Exhibition

Gentleman Cat call selected. This small portion of the universe of illustrators and artists, who registered through the open call we held in December 2020 . They will be part of the Gentleman Cat exhibition, through which we want to publicize their work.

Once in a while we, Proyecto Ensamble, bring enjoyment and inspiration to many admirers, collectors and consumers of art. Through our exhibitions and publications that stand out for their iconic design, they encourage creativity and disseminate the work of the best creatives.
For this reason, we will soon create a new exhibition of Proyecto Ensamble paper toys and masks. To highlight the work of new creatives and tell a new story.

Likewise, we want to expose the public to the most representative works about courage, valor and power, through the creations of this group of authors along with others that we will soon announce. So we will find a way to bring this new proposal to you.

Finally we leave you the list of the artists selected from the open call. Visit their profiles and websites and get to know their work from now on. Gentleman Cat call selected.

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