Mr Rabbit Kaput, Últimas Unidades de la Serie Limitada

Mr Rabbit Kaput, Last Units of the Limited Series

Mr Rabbit Kaput. The Mr. Rabbit series was launched at the end of 2016. The works of the published artists, in addition to all those who were invited, were presented in 2 exhibitions . From that moment until now the production created for that great event has been running out.

I know, 3 years seems like a long time to run out of stock on a product. If I present this data to a business engineer, he will most likely diagnose me as a complete failure and tell me that the best thing I can do at this point is to dedicate my valuable time to something else.

But, this is what keeps us going. Delivering something physical, with cultural value and that connects creators with people is our mission. The activity associated with the paper series that we have created is for all of us to discover our true potential.

Experiencing this is much more important to us than dirty money. If we were really only focused on making money, at the end of the first year we would throw all the surplus production in the trash, indicating that the stock was exhausted and reporting that the product was a success.

But don't believe it, I still need money to operate and survive. So I come to let you know that the last 17 units of the Mr. Rabbit series are available on our website and at the Persa Bio Bio store , because Mr Rabbit Kaput.

Mr Rabbit Kaput, Last Units of the Limited Series

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