Convocatoria AbiertaGentleman Cat, ilustradores vs el gato

Open Call for Gentleman Cat, illustrators vs the cat

Open call Gentleman Cat . Once in a while we, Proyecto Ensamble, bring enjoyment and inspiration to many admirers, collectors and consumers of art. All this through our interactive exhibitions and publications that stand out for their iconic design, designed to encourage creativity and disseminate the work of the best creatives.
We are now looking to produce a new exhibition with its respective limited edition series of Proyecto Ensamble paper toys and masks for the 2021 season, finally to highlight the work of new creatives and tell a new story.

Gentleman Cat represents courage, valor and power. Felines are also associated with the sun, and vitality in some cultures (cougars and jaguars from Latin America).
Like this totem it is intuition, psychic powers, and creative inclinations. It is also capable of neutralizing darkness, and being a guide on our path to self-realization. Therefore we wanted to crystallize this spiritual, physical and energetic force.
We hope you identify with this new proposal and its concepts.

We will select the best portfolios to extend the invitation. Later we will make the selection among the works qualified for the exhibition and finally for the series.

So to participate, send your portfolio through the form in the Gentleman Cat Call . It is especially relevant that you submit your website, your Behance page or Instagram profile. Since the call closes on December 3, 2020 and the invited artists will be announced on January 3, 2021.

Details are on the website

Open call Gentleman Cat .

Open CallGentleman Cat, illustrators vs the cat

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