Patrocinador 2011 Linux Latín América by Proyecto Ensamble

Sponsor 2011 Linux Latin America by Proyecto Ensamble

Corporate Gifts 2011 Linux Latin America. Within the framework of the sponsorships of series 3 "Mexico" of the Ensamble project, which we will soon launch. Introducing Linux Latin America . Linux Latin America is a pioneer in the use of GNU/Linux technology and is specialized in Open Source or Free Software systems as a Business Partner RedHat. He is also one of the 2011 sponsors.
The design for the assemblies is directly related to the Android brand, the platform on which they work.

On the Android platform they create a virtual switchboard, which is a business telephone system that uses IP (Internet Protocol) communications. Unlike traditional telephone services, on-premise telephone lines or hardware are not necessary. Virtual PBX solutions are hosted by the service provider, installed on the cloud server.
This system that allows businesses to make internal calls. An IP PBX is a server-based PBX that connects multiple phones. Instead of using the hardware and telephone wiring of a traditional switchboard, the system connects over a LAN (local area network) or an Internet connection.

The “Linux Latin America” assemblies were delivered in the following way: as corporate gifts for students part of the course for Android developers taught by Linux Latin America. And finally as corporate gifts at each of the seminars and events, to promote the creation of applications under the Android platform.

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