Patrocinador 2011 Ideazzione by Proyecto Ensamble

Sponsor 2011 Ideazzione by Proyecto Ensamble

Corporate Gifts for Ideazzione. On this occasion we announce one of the sponsors of Proyecto Ensamble 2011, series 3 "Mexico". This company is dedicated to manufacturing stands and advertising services, so to design its character, which was one of the missions entrusted to us by the client, we characterized the Shopper (buyer) to whom its products and services are directed, the end user. .

The gifts forIdeazzione are based on the shopping experience, the character carries a supermarket cart full of products that he takes from the points of sale created by the company, for supermarkets and other sales spaces.Ideazzione has been characterized over time as one of the largest strategic design agencies specializing in instore marketing in Chile.

The strategy for delivering Ideazzione corporate gifts to its clients is as follows:

  • 250 units were produced, templates
  • As a corporate gift (3 to 4 units per gift)
  • For purchases
  • To deliver contact information at events.

Contact us if you are interested in making original corporate gifts for your clients, we have predefined templates to customize with your brand or we can create new shapes that fit your requirements.

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