El Hada Verde de la Absenta, ilustración y Sticker

The Green Absinthe Fairy, illustration and Sticker

Green fairy sticker illustration. The green fairy or "Green Fairy" as she is known. It is the translation into Spanish and English of the expression "la fée verte." Which refers to the alcoholic beverage known as absinthe. This drink began to be consumed as an elixir in Switzerland, but it was in France where it became popular, thanks to the association with writers and artists who drank it in Paris at the end of the 19th century until its production was banned. in 1915. The most popular brand during the 19th century was Pernod until its consumption was banned.

This is a misunderstood distillate. It also has a history of prohibition in several countries, basically due to incorrect rumors about its hallucinogenic content. The drink usually has wormwood, fennel and anise, among other components, but of everything it contains, the culprit of the supposed hallucinations is thujone, present in wormwood. In large quantities it can be toxic, as it is an inhibitor of GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric acid), causing seizures. For this reason, for example, it is said that Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear because of this drink, an untrue statement .

However, the fable of the green fairy has captivated us. Now the "Green Fairy" is part of our pantheon as a demigod and for this reason we have created our own illustrated version of her.
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The Green Absinthe Fairy, illustration and Sticker

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