Juego de Rol a partir de los naipes Artefactos & Trolls de Proyecto Ensamble

Role-playing game based on the Artifacts & Trolls cards from Proyecto Ensamble

Tabletop role-playing games for the Artifacts & Trolls Card Game by Proyecto Ensamble. One of the things we wanted to achieve with the Artifacts & Trolls Playing Cards game was the ability to play it alone. This was fulfilled in the original instructions of the card. But now, we also bring you the Role Playing Game version, where you begin a dangerous journey to complete the chosen objectives, and you will face countless Trolls who will be your enemies, which you must overcome using your Characters and Artifacts.
This expanded version of the game, which transforms your deck into not 2, but 3 games, will make playing it alone no problem. The gameplay has some resemblance to the classic Magic card game, or to the Latin American version Myths and Legends. Below I explain how to do it.

To start you must have:

  • Artifacts & Trolls Deck
  • 4-sided dice or failing that, 6-sided dice. To use the 6-sided die as if it were a 4-sided die, follow this method: roll the die, if a number between 1 and 4 comes up you are within the range, but if you roll and it comes up 5 or 6, use these numbers to count again from 1. For example, if you get 5 and you count from 1 to 4, and 5 is another number, therefore you start counting again. Finally the number 5 represents the number 1 and the 6 the number 2.

Objective of the game:

Complete an objective card, that is, gather the three characters described on the card.

Game dynamics

  • Shuffle the deck of cards. turn it upside down
  • Roll the dice, if you get 5 or 6, it is equivalent to 1 (5) and 2 (6).
  • Take from the deck the number of cards that appears on the dice.
  • You can have a maximum of 4 cards (artifact, Character) and one objective on the table. In total 5 cards
  • If you get a troll, they stand in front of your cards, and there is a fight (they are the bad guys in the game)
  • Your characters are the paladins who will fight against the Trolls. These have a number on top (from Ace, which represents the value 20, through 2 to 10 and J, Q and K, which are all worth 10. This will be the score with which you will face the Trolls, who also have their own score.
  • Artifacts are what will empower your paladins to beat the Trolls. You can put these under any character to boost their final number. The final number that the artifact will empower the character will be divided by 2. For example, if you get an artifact with the number 6, its power will be 3. For prime numbers such as 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9, these are divided into 2 and rounded up. Leaving 1 in 1, 3 in 2, 5 in 3, 7 in 4 and 9 in 5.
  • Once you have the 4 cards on the table (between characters and Artifacts) and you draw cards according to the dice, if you get trolls and artifacts, these become your battle. The rest of the cards go to the discard pool.
  • If you get a target, and you want to change it to the one you currently have, you can do so and discard the old one to the discard pool.
  • Once the deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discard pile and roll the dice again to draw. The battle
  • Once a troll appears, you put it in front of you and prepare the character to fight it. You can assign an artifact to it by putting it below it to give it more points.
  • If you get 2 or more trolls, put them in front of you, and assign your characters to each troll (with their respective artifact, if you have them)
  • If your character, alone or with an artifact, has a higher score than the troll, you beat him and he is discarded into the discard pool.
  • You can assign 2 or more characters with their artifacts to a single troll
  • You can keep a troll once you have beaten it, and it becomes part of your paladins. (You can do this to win the final objective of having the 3 cards that the objective requires, and thus win the game), only if you discard one of your characters first.
  • If by score, the troll(s) kill your characters, you die.
  • The joker troll functions as a super powerful 30 point troll that has NO artifacts on it.
  • If you parried a troll attack with a character, both the troll and the character are eliminated.

Role-playing game based on the Artifacts & Trolls cards from Proyecto Ensamble

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