Como hacer las máscaras de conejo en Cartón – Vídeo Tutorial armado 2017

How to make rabbit masks out of Cardboard – Folding Video Tutorial 2017

How to assemble the "Mr Rabbit" masks. The Video Tutorial: Assembly guide and instructions for the mask included in the packaging of the Mr. Rabbit series from Proyecto Ensamble. The illustration of the mask on this occasion was done by the North American artist Jon Contino . At the time of launching the series, 50 units of the masks were available, printed with GID (glow in the dark) ink on the white details of the illustration, which gave a terrifying appearance to the drawing, which reinforced the concept that the artist wanted. capture in the illustration.

In the following video you will find above all support for folding and assembling to make the "Rabbit" mask. In addition to the instructions, we must add that in addition to the folding method described in the video. The template includes numbers intended to function as a guide and as a result facilitate assembly. In addition, no glue or any other tool is needed for assembly, since the mask was designed with a system of tabs and slots that allow it to be anchored, on the other hand it also allows you to disassemble it if you need to store it.

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