Como armar los Incoludido x Proyecto Ensamble 4

How to assemble the Incoludido x Proyecto Ensamble 4

How to assemble the Incoludido by Proyecto Ensamble nº 4. The instructions for assembling the Incoludido toy n4 by Proyecto Ensamble, which is part of the collaboration with the company Social Growing and its brand of collusion-free products, Incoludido . This collaboration is made up of 4 figures that represent their iconic character and part of the brand. There are 4 versions of the character, these are presented in the products and publications on their social networks.

Incoludido was born as a venture in 2016, in response to the collusion of the paper mills in Chile.

Not having financing to start the project, some brave volunteers joined in and a crowdfunding campaign was carried out, where they sought to raise $15,000,000 in 4 months to start the initiative. After an extensive urban marketing and social media campaign, it was possible to reach people and the media, so more than 300 people collaborated with Incoludido, raising $23,000,000 with which the development of the first product began and manage to establish yourself in an office.

Today, it is a company with more than 20 collaborators, who work hard to develop a new way of doing business. With a fair social model, honesty and affection towards its clients and society. That is why they carry out concrete actions, such as help in juvenile centers, urban interventions in streets and public places, they take care of the planet by receiving packaging back for recycling, they offer biodegradable products and all of high quality at low cost.

To assemble these figures, you need to use glue. The templates are presented pre-cut on the same sheet with all the parts belonging to the figure. To glue, we recommend using Cold Liquid Silicone (Not the gun type). You can also use cold glue or double-sided tape, if that seems more comfortable.

Since the Incoludido Toy n4 consists of small parts, you need advanced skills to assemble it. Therefore, it is not a product recommended for very young children. But you can help them, turning the assembly of the Incoludido x Proyecto Ensamble figures into an activity in which the whole family can participate.

How to assemble the Incoludido x Ensamble Project 4

How to assemble the Incoludido x Ensamble Project 4

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