Cómo Armar las Máscaras «Out Fox» by Proyecto Ensamble

How to Assemble the “Out Fox” Masks by Proyecto Ensamble

How to Assemble the “Out Fox” Masks – Video Tutorial for Assembling the “Out Fox” Mask

How to assemble the Out Fox masks, of course here we present the respective assembly tutorial video for the “Out-Fox” mask from Proyecto Ensamble. In the following video you will find support regarding folding and fitting the tabs of the fox mask. In addition, the most important thing we must emphasize when assembling the mask is that you do not need glue or scissors, since the assembly includes tabs, laces and numbers to follow an assembly logic.

The “Out Fox” series was launched in 2015, and contained 12 illustrated templates to assemble and the packaging, also illustrated, became a fox mask that could be worn. The invited artists in 2015 were. Reactor-88 , Ju Zuco , Suzanne Carpenter , Yai Salinas , Laura Berger , Eric Comstock , JhonnyNuñez , Peiper , Alkalino , Cabrochico , Danielitis , EFNART . And the illustration of the mask by North American Danny Schlitz .

The fox, the first natural spirit, is recognized in the mythology and folklore of different cultures as a messenger of the gods, in addition to being the great intermediary between the conscious and unconscious world. Finally, the fox as a totem personifies cunning and intelligence, since it depends on its wisdom, skill and ingenuity to survive.

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