Stone paper, alternativa en papel para ser amigable con el medio ambiente

Stone paper, paper alternative to be environmentally friendly

Stone paper, paper made of stones, which is much more than that.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about recycling campaigns and B companies. These are changing the way we treat waste generated by manufacturing processes. As much as festivals with the green spirit, like the last Lollapalooza. With a notable percentage of green and recycling initiatives. But there are also businesses that generate new raw materials from other people's waste.

Given the case and always looking for new working methods, we came across “Stone Paper”. As indicated on their page, it is a paper of mineral origin, manufactured based on Calcium Carbonate (between 60% and 80%), and is agglomerated with polyethylene resin that is not toxic.
If "StonePaper" were used instead of traditional paper to print 10,000 80x120cm posters, the total savings would be 110 adult trees, 197,802 BTUs and 329,670 liters. of water. This without considering chemicals or waste.
These estimates are based on data provided by the Environmental Defense Fund ( Another of the many qualities of "Stone paper" is that when you wet it, almost nothing happens to it.

This is a revolution at the level of forest and water conservation. The substrate lasts up to 6 months before degrading if exposed to direct light.

Stone paper, paper made of stones, which is much more than that.

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