Ser Patrocinador de Proyecto Ensamble serie 4 2012 The Edge

Be a Sponsor of Proyecto Ensamble series 4 2012 The Edge

Starting today, the unique possibility of participating as a sponsor in Proyecto Ensamble opens, the great pieces that are assembled and that have their own personality. Proyecto Ensamble is the opportunity you have for your brand or “you” to relate to art and design in an innovative and entertaining way. These figures, made using high-quality processes, can be used as a corporate gift, advertising object, as an invitation, to decorate, etc...
During the 4 years in which the project exists, we have experimented with paper as a support due to its flexibility and we have proposed our figures as the publication/object of recent times. This work is supported by a significant number of educational institutions in which we develop workshops and more than 10 stores in Chile and abroad, which exhibit and market our products.

sponsors series 3 assembly project

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