Resultados concurso «A:ENSAMBLADOS» junto a A:Mag

«A:ENSAMBLADOS» contest results with A:Mag

Results of Contest A: Assembled – Winners and launches

Results of contest A: Assembled. And well, the big day arrived. We said today that we would announce the winner of the “A:ENSAMBLADOS” contest and we delivered. The award goes to Paul Escobar from Chile. With the publication of 1,000 units of his assembly, which will be distributed randomly in the September-October edition of A:MAG . and in series 1 and series 2 of Proyecto Ensamble .
Likewise, the honorable mention went to the work of Rubén Jiménez, a Mexican illustrator. As a result, its assembly was published in print on one of the inside pages of A:MAG. and in series 3 in 2011

The award ceremony took place on Tuesday, October 5, at the spectacular launch party of the N:16 edition of A:MAG. where we launched series 2 of Proyecto Ensamble at Bar Loreto. Below we leave the images of the winners and the launch

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