Regalos Originales en Chile

Original Gifts in Chile

Whether for that strange relative or friend you don't know what to surprise with. Making original gifts can become a nightmare, especially when we think of that character “who has everything” or “who wants nothing” like my dad.

With the information we have available below, we will avoid the question: what to give? It becomes a headache that is difficult to treat. That's why we want to present these gift ideas for birthdays and other festivities that can get you out of more than one trouble and leave you as that special person who always gives original gifts that are something to remember.

Here at Proyecto Ensamble we have a varied range of creative gifts, for all ages and tastes. If you are bored of what the typical commercial houses offer or some are already so clever that you only give them “Gift Cards”, see the list of original gifts designed and manufactured in Chile that we present below.

Original Gifts Made in Chile by Proyecto Ensamble

Gifts for Men

If your problem is finding a gift for a man, here we have a variety of products that, believe it or not, can surprise the man who is in the house waiting for something to be brought to him.

Original Gifts in Chile

Paper wallets are wallets like those nineties ones that you filled with all the card paper and hash you could find, until they were fat. They had everything but money hahaha.

The wallets we make are designed in such a way that we only use folds to assemble them, and the paper is reinforced with a thermolaminate that guarantees its durability. We have different illustrated designs , both for men and women.

Original Gifts in Chile

Paper card holders, the same principle as wallets, just folded paper. Again, the paper is reinforced with a thermolaminate that makes it more durable and there are different illustrated models. In the photo, you can see the “Summer Delights” model.

Original Gifts in Chile

The rabbits. From the sold out Mr. Rabbit series, the sets of 3 illustrated rabbits remain. These are to assemble and decorate the man cave. The illustrations of the rabbits were developed in a variety of themes, both children's and morphological horror.

Gifts for Teens and Children

If it's already difficult to entertain the male of the house, I can imagine what it's like to find a gift for the teenager. Teenage boys are hard to please, but you can try one of these alternatives

Original Gifts in Chile

The rabbits. Appeal to the inner child of this entity with rabbits. It may be that you connect with something else, exercise your manual abilities and at the same time meditate on your existence.

Original Gifts in Chile

The assemblies , illustrated templates for assembling and assembling. Like rabbits, by manipulating the object while putting it together, the person incorporates the information from the illustration. It is an extra way to communicate with the artist.

Original Gifts in Chile

Board game. If assembling isn't the cherub's forte, or yours, we have a beautifully illustrated strategy game called Artifacts & Trolls . This consists of a dynamic in which the objective is to complete the objectives through the characters of the deck, which function as the activators of game sequences. It is very fun and the deck can be used to play other games, such as dirty poto, among others.

Original Gifts for Women

Women are not left out of the list with these illustrated wonders.

Original Gifts in Chile

The bags are made by us with imported fabrics and leather strips that give them that special touch.

gifts for the new house

Original Gifts in Chile

The paper egg, these are purely decorative, an artistic object to admire.

Original Gifts in Chile

The paintings, with these paintings your friend who moved house will be able to decorate that special corner and remember you every time he sees it. I think that on those occasions it is customary to give plants. Well in that case these are almost plants, because they are made of paper.

Gifts at Home Santiago, if you add the packaging service to your order, we can deliver the product you have chosen wrapped as a gift, directly to the person in question.

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