Proyecto Ensamble y la instalación de guerrilla marketing

Proyecto Ensamble and guerrilla marketing installation

This was conceived with the aim of testing people's reaction. We brought some old products that we removed from distribution centers and decided to give them away.
Well, to get the objects to people, we determined that the best option was to create a kind of installation (nothing complicated), gluing the assemblies with adhesive tape to a structure in a busy place. Since they would be stuck with nothing more than adhesive tape, it would be easy to remove them and they would not leave traces at the chosen point, like the interventions in which they paint the walls with spray or paste advertising posters with paste (the worst that exists, I prefer drawings).
In our naive mind we thought that people would be happy and take out their unique assembly, peel off the adhesive tape and be happy with their gift, but the reality was different. They actually took out the ensembles, but instead of adopting them and being happy, they threw them on the ground, danced a ranchera on top of them and made them SHIT!!.


PS: for some strange reason, they took only the Sony Ericsson Assembly
Pd2: The exact place where the installation was made was on Diagonal Oriente with Pedro de Valdivia. Next to the smoked pharmacy.

guerrilla marketing

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