Proyecto Ensamble en el episodio 4 de PrismaTV

Proyecto Ensamble in episode 4 of PrismaTV

That's right, our Prisma TV promo video aired. Thanks to a production effort by the Prisma team, who wanted to interview us for chapter 4 of PrismaTv , a program broadcast by the international signal of TVN Chile . They are dedicated to making video news related to art, illustration and art toys . In order to present some projects and initiatives related to the topic, its products, services and information in an impressive and short way.

In this chapter of the Prisma TV promo video, which was dedicated to our artistic dissemination project. We explain the reasons that led us to begin collecting the material and that finally motivated us to formulate an alternative proposal to what was on the market at that time and that was shown and marketed under the name of art toys .

Our proposal, as we related during the interview, arose as a response to the Chinese manufacturing industry and what we finally proposed was an economic alternative to compete against mass production, to which we did not have access at that time. The idea is to make accessible production with the resources that are at hand now and at that time in Chile.

In this way we ended up using labor, supplies and the local manufacturing industry to create a product of international quality that was capable of disseminating and bringing art to people of any social context, seeking to stimulate their creativity.

Here I leave the chapter so you can see it.

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