Nuevas etiquetas envases de las series de Proyecto Ensamble

New packaging labels from the Proyecto Ensamble series

For the new packaging, which is the coolest because it has a unique shape and can be painted, we created a new labeling system that aims to unify and clarify the product information.
Starting by identifying the product for what it really is; "The Toyzine", because it is the periodical publication in the form of a "toy" (specifically a "paper toy") that, innovating, provides information about artists and exhibits their work. On the other hand, the project is based on good vibes, the love for design objects and the work of artists, so it will be very normal for you to see the label and the entire packaging smiling from some shop window, happy to be what it is. It also includes technical data such as the number of the series it corresponds to and the list of artists participating in it, in addition to maintaining the color code of the previous labels but reinforced.
All the series that exist so far have been included in this new system, so you can find SERIES 1 (yellow); SERIES 2 “The Kol of Nikodemus” (light blue); SERIES 3 “Mexico” (reddish) and the miniseries “Symbiotes” (black)

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