MUT Mercado Urbano Tobalaba, Nuestra Nueva Madriguera

MUT Urban Market Tobalaba, Our New Burrow

We are excited to share exciting news with you: we are now opening the doors of our new physical store in the vibrant MUT, Mercado Urbano Tobalaba! For more than a month we have been operating in this unique space, which is the intersection of fashion, gastronomy and culture, the perfect setting to get even closer to you.

To find our new burrow, there are various access options. If you prefer to walk, our store is just a step away from Apoquindo 2730, allowing you to enjoy the pleasant surroundings as you get closer. Two-wheeled lovers can arrive by bicycle along the convenient Roger de Flor 2725 route, fusing the pleasure of pedaling with the excitement of discovering our latest innovations. In addition, the MUT has a special parking lot so you can leave your bicycle super well protected.

If the comfort of the car is your choice, we welcome you at Encomenderos 65. Access by car is easy and convenient, allowing you to take your purchases home in total comfort. And for those who prefer the efficiency of the subway, walking access from the nearby station gives you a quick and agile option.

In our new store, you will find not only exceptional products, but also a unique shopping experience. From personalized attention to the careful selection of products that reflect the latest trends, we want your visit to be more than a transaction: we want it to be a memorable experience. Not to mention that at MUT, there are always various activities that you can participate in. V isit their page to find out event dates.

We invite you to discover our new location at the MUT and be part of this exciting stage in our history! We are eager to welcome you and share with you everything we have prepared in our new store in Tobalaba.

See you soon at our new home at the MUT Mercado Urbano Tobalaba!

MUT Urban Market Tobalaba, Our New Burrow

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