Matacho Descorp en Proyecto Ensamble

Matacho Descorp in Proyecto Ensamble

This is the work of the renowned Colombian illustrator Matacho Descorp, presented by Proyecto Ensamble during 2010, in the series The Kol of Nikodemus . We admired Matacho's work from the first time we saw it, the attractive and psychedelic patterns at a perfect scale for the support left us stunned and the use of color in a precise way improves the aesthetics of any canvas, whether two or three-dimensional.
Simply complex would be a good phrase to describe what Matacho Descorp manages to do with his vector illustrations. A style inspired by stylized pre-Columbian art, full of simple interconnected elements, in a visually controlled chaos.
In the patterns that characterize its graphics you can appreciate the essence of this Colombian designer from Popayán. The way he applies his illustrations on different supports and in this specific case on the assembly figure. It demonstrates the meticulous work he does. In our opinion, where the quality of the finishes and their meticulous work can best be appreciated is in figures in 3D format.

The Matacho Descorp design can be obtained in the packages of series 2, The Kol of Nikodemus . See our distributors or contact us directly.

Matacho Descorp in Assembly Project

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