Marca Chile Identidad y Reconocimiento

Chile Brand Identity and Recognition

Marca Chile is the institution that promotes Chile globally, generating recognition, reputation and preference based on its positive and differentiating elements. So that the world knows and prefers Chile in all its dimensions, thus contributing to its competitiveness and well-being.
In the same way, it seeks to contribute to the development of opportunities for Chile and Chileans, strengthening their international recognition and valuation. Its engine is quality. Aiming for all implemented initiatives to improve over time, generating learning about their own processes.

From today our venture is recognized as part of the country's unique and competitive identity through Marca Chile. Therefore, we are already committed to being part of the collective challenge of building the brand. A task where the richness and diversity that characterizes us are integrated into a symbol that communicates to the world the vitality of the entire country, to open us to more and better opportunities.

FINALLY this is one more step on our path towards delivering the best creative tools for all creatives and future Chilean and foreign geniuses. We are extra grateful and proud to receive this tremendous recognition from one of the most important institutions.

Chile Brand Identity and Recognition

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