Lanzamiento Proyecto Ensamble Serie 3 México

Series 3 Mexico launch by Proyecto Ensamble

Series 3 of Proyecto Ensamble titled “Mexico” is now ready. That by bringing together pure 100% Mexican talent, gives life to the 9 ensembles of this year 2011 that are LUXURIOUS! Those selected for this series are: Choper Nawers who also collaborated with the cover of the series. (A special greeting to him), Mr. Kone, Mr. Mitote, Illunatico, Pitayon, Minervagm, Memoë Campanur, Rubén Jimenez and Neuzz.

October 1st at 7 p.m. is the day and time of the launch in Chile/Mexico, withVinylesChiles Tienda as its main headquarters, official distributor of Proyecto Ensamble products in Mexico, so we will have the assistance of some of the selected artists for said series for the signature of its assembly =). In Chile we will all be able to participate (including us) through streaming that will be transmitted directly by VinyesChiles (more information during the days before the launch) and later everyone will be able to purchase their copy at Sudala .

The complete collection of the "Mexico" series is distributed in a single package with a cost of 190 pesos in Mexico, in addition the already known packs of series 1 and series 2 of the ensemble project will be present.

VinylesChiles Store
Regina 87, Local E
Historical Center
Tel. 55429881

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