Lanzamiento Mini Serie «Simbiontes .Deew» by Proyecto Ensamble

Mini Series Launch “Simbiontes .Deew” by Proyecto Ensamble

That's right, the day of truth has arrived, and to finally reveal the secret that we were slowly releasing through Facebook. Some time ago, we partnered with .Deew art/design Lab to launch our first full screen printing mini series based on the concept of symbiosis. Symbiosis is understood as the close and persistent relationship between organisms of different species.
To present this series, we created 3 different ensembles, which come together under the same concept of symbiosis, thus giving a random fusion of each character that is reflected in the support of Proyecto Ensamble.
This is our first purely artistic series that moves a little away from the original concept that everyone already knows, which is the character design in the template.
To launch the new series, we chose the Daaheim gallery located at Alonso de Córdoba 5724, one block from Manquehue.

Event details:
Daaheim Gallery: Alonso de Córdoba 5724 one block from Manquehue
Day: May 25
Time: 8:00 p.m.
DJ set: Majestic (Analog Monster)
* There will be a sale of the mini series at a promotional launch price
** + surprises for guests

To make this series even more complete, we created 10 20 cm assembled symbiotes (for the most hardcore art toy fans, 8″), which will also be for sale at a promotional price.

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