Happy Holidays, La aldea navideña de papel

Happy Holidays, The Paper Christmas Village

Ideas for Christmas. Red is the color of Christmas par excellence. And for good reason, it's everywhere, in the old Easter's clothes, in the mistletoe branches, in the candy canes, in the Grinch 's clothes and in everything else you can think of... So, this year we can't either miss a red Christmas.

But since we like to be contrary, we play the sophisticated Christmas card to the fullest by combining pink and black with pine green or gold and brown decorations . If you prefer a more original version than the white and red decoration, you will not find it here, because why use red and heat up the warm Chilean Christmas even more.

Our ideas for Christmas are combined with different shades of white, the aforementioned colors, and we have too much fun mixing white objects that make us think of pastry cream, with bright, country flora, that which blooms only in summer or in especially humid climates. A decoration in red and white is the guarantee of being part of the group that doesn't think of anything, so if you decide on that option, you will celebrate in a sober atmosphere in which only the traditional codes of the Christmas decoration.

Finally, with this Christmas village, which we created to decorate our space in El Persa, Proyecto Ensamble wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays, The Paper Christmas Village

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