Gentleman Cat, arte por Salvador Kingman

Gentleman Cat, art by Salvador Kingman

Salvador Kingman, born in Quito, Ecuador, in 1981. He is an illustrator and character designer. He began drawing as a child influenced by the artistic environment of his home and has not stopped doing so. He is recognized as an Illustrator, designer and artist, although he is self-taught and does not have a degree.
Influenced in what he does by his personal tastes, such as comics, science fiction, fantasy literature, graffiti, character design, electronic music, Latin American and oriental culture. The references for his works are multiple, inspired by both what surrounds him and what he imagines. Finally, for him, illustration and character design have to contribute to fostering a sense of respect for nature and humanity.

Salvador has an independent brand of products since 2007 called SAKI (the union of his first and last name). Through it, it manufactures various products such as t-shirts, sweaters, caps, stuffed animals, wooden toys and more. He also participates in exhibitions in exhibition halls and virtual ones. All of his products, illustrated by him, are characterized by portraying original characters and are produced in limited quantities. He comments that he really enjoys illustrating and designing characters, to do so he uses pencil, markers, acrylics and computer programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop , experimenting in different media.

About the Works for Gentleman Cat

The first piece is worked digitally, with a very detailed process, step by step. First he decided what colors to use, after which he chose what type of feline to be inspired by. The wisdom of felines is one of the qualities that seems most interesting to rescue. So imagine a mature-aged cat, inspired by your own grandfather, who was a wise person with a great sense of humor.

The second intervention in the piece Gentleman Cat is worked in a more fluid way. He simply tried to instinctively think about his childhood experiences with felines. Finally, he decides to carry out the intervention as a mirror between the two parties to have an agreement between them.

Gentleman Cat, art by Salvador Kingman

Gentleman Cat, art by Salvador Kingman

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