Ganador Concurso Ensamble, ODA AL MOCO VERDE

Winner of Proyecto Ensamble Competition, ODE TO GREEN MOCO

Winner Contest A: Assembled

Through a set of random photos, we made the Visual Ode to the winner of the A:Ensamblados contest, Paul Escobar. The invitation was made through the magazine “A dos Puntos” owned by Jorge Reyes and on our website and social networks,, for all illustrators and artists who wanted to participate. From a grid of 17 works sent by illustrators, artists and the general public, we chose 2 to publish in the magazine. The jury included part of the A dos points team and us, the authors of Proyecto Ensamble. In an effort to promote both printed editions, because unity is strength.

The funny thing was that finally the winning illustration was sent to the printer to be reproduced in 500 copies using high-quality printing (offset), putting our support to the test. The copies were distributed within the 22nd edition of A dos Puntos magazine.

Ode in Random Photos

The Visual Ode to the work that won the “El Moco Verde” contest. That despite being a monster, he is adorable. For this reason we can notice that it is inspired by nostalgic figures from the late eighties that were a pop milestone in both Chile and Argentina, such as “Las Basuritas” , which defines the aesthetics of an entire generation, becoming a kind of “protest”. » childish versus adulthood.

It's an illustration that mixes irony with disgustingness... hahaha, but it's magnetic and hilarious anyway. His disgusting and unscrupulous style tries to make hives in the most conservative and his sunglasses also show that he is a cool and cool guy. He has his brain visible to everyone and drinks cola to maintain his radioactive complexion. It also has a twig in its original wrinkle and a leaf that protects its privacy, because in the end it is disgusting but tasty.

This is the analysis of the winner of the contest a:ensembles…. ????ADORE HIM!!!!

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