Concurso A:Mag. «A:ENSAMBLADOS» de Proyecto Ensamble

A:Mag Contest. «A:ENSAMBLADOS» from Proyecto Ensamble

In an unprecedented effort…….Ensemble Project with A:Mag. are pleased to present you the A:Ensamblados contest.

The idea of ​​the contest is that you can download the template and fill it with whatever you have in mind. There is no limit to the imagination.

If you win, we will publish and distribute 1,000 copies of your design randomly in
A: Mag. as a rare and exclusive ENSAMBLE project piece and you will receive series 1 and 2 as a gift.

For this we have formed a panel of 3 judges who will decide which is the best design. Ensemble Project ,A:Mag. and Lovit Store .

You have until September 10, 2010 to send only ONE proposal to or .

After this period, the winner is decided, and it is published in the September edition of A:Mag.

With this, I declare this contest open, and may the best one win.

As of September 1, the collection stage of the works will begin.

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