Castillos de papel by Proyecto Ensamble

Paper Castles by Proyecto Ensamble

This is a project created in 2005 and which produced its first fruit in 2006. These are folding postcards alluding to Chilean architectural monuments, and as can be seen in this case, German colonial houses.
The interesting thing is that unfolding what looks like a greetings card and assembling it according to the instructions results in a three-dimensional model of the monument in question.
This was thought to work as souvenirs for tourists: you take it folded inside your suitcase and when you arrive at your destination you unfold it, assemble it (without glue) and MAGIC GUYS! You have your little house-shaped toy to play with until you cry.
This object is directly related to Proyecto Ensamble for several reasons: One because it is from the same authors; The assembly was solved with a “assembly” system of tabs on slots; and it's made of paper.

Lucky for you from TODAY! and so that it does not get lost in limbo, it will be available in the Proyecto Ensamble shop .

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