Artistas Invitados Para la Serie Gentleman Cat

Guest Artists for the Gentleman Cat Series

Now that we've finished introducing the artists selected from the open call for Gentleman Cat , the show, and the upcoming series. Now we have to present the guest artists for Gentleman cat . A series of illustrators that we admire and to whom we invited to intervene in the cat template and participate in the process.

Currently, the world of illustration is becoming very common, as illustrators present and share their work through social networks. Furthermore, aspiring designers and illustrators, every time they find a drawing online, try to find out the author, what the inspiration was, etc.

Since most of the graphic material produced by artists, both young, old, emerging and established, has a presence there. The thing is that the methodology we used to gather the material was through online networks and portfolios such as Behance and others.
Our goal is to materialize digital artists . So that the viewer has a close and tangible vision of his works. That is why in addition, the characteristics of our support, such as that of Gentleman Cat . They encourage the viewer to manipulate the work and in this way better absorb the contents.

Below we present the list of the guest artists whose works we will be presenting through our social networks.

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