18 de septiembre, fiestas patrias chilenas en papel Introducción a las Fiestas Patrias en Chile

September 18, Chilean national holidays on paper Introduction to the National Holidays in Chile

Was September 18 good this year!?
They recounted the codes that define what a country and a cultural festival are. There is a whole palette of codes related to this celebration, starting with the Chilean flag, which is the main national symbol used in these festivities. From here comes the color palette that will always be, white, blue and red, which are the colors of the flag. In addition, other national symbols are used such as the national coat of arms and the lone star.

The National Holidays in Chile , informally known as "el Dieciocho", are an annual holiday that has been held since 1811 on September 18 and 19 when applicable, also including the 17th or 20th. September 18 is the anniversary of the First National Government Junta since 1915 and September 19 is the commemoration of national independence and the celebration of all the glories of the army.

Although September 18 is often spoken of as Independence Day, in reality, the Act of Independence was signed on February 12, 1818, its original purpose was to commemorate the establishment of the First National Government Junta held in 1810; Subsequently, its objective was to celebrate the independence process of the Spanish Crown and the formation of Chile as a nation state.

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September 18, Chilean national holidays on paper Introduction to the National Holidays in Chile

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