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Smile Cacuca Decorative Pennants

Smile Cacuca Decorative Pennants

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  • Decorative paper flags Smile Cacuca Smiling
  • 9 decorative paper flags illustrated with smiling cacucas (for good luck).
  • Professional black and white printing on 280g cardboard.
  • 6" x 5" triangular flags.
  • The package also includes 2.5 m of waxed thread (that comes in two colors).
  • Objects designed and manufactured in Chile.

The Smile Cacuca decorative paper pennants are part of the collection of illustrations for the I Need your Skull series. Along with them in the collection you can find the skull pennants , the Punk sticker pack and the Movie Monsters sticker pack . The cacucas were chosen because they are good luck and extra well known, like the smiling cacuca emoji for phones.

The Cacucas of good luck. In Japan, there is the "good luck" poop known as relative no unko [金のうんこ]. This golden poop became a local icon simply because its ' United Nations ' sound at the beginning of the word unko matches the ' United Nations ' sound in the Japanese word for luck [運].

The origin of the emoji , this icon that Apple uses in iOS or OS X belongs to the Unicode collection of Japanese emojis . Japan was the first country to use emojis ( emotional symbols ). The characters that Apple uses come from the character set that they first began to use on mobile phones and in Japan where it was updated and expanded. Masayoshi Son, the CEO of Vodafone, convinced Apple to include the Unicode set of emojis in iOS, on the iPhone 3G. Son was convinced that no one would want to buy a smartphone without emojis . In 2010, this entire set of emojis, originally designed by Shigetaka Kurita , was included in the Unicode standard.

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